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manusia biasa yang ingin luar biasa.

Past memory

I knew mini 4wd since i got in  elementary school, in 1990. that time cartoon serial Dash Yonkuro on television was so popular. Every child has at least one or two mini 4wd’s, we didn’t played on circuit but we just run our machine in every where we found a nice place

We didn’t know how to improve our mini 4wd speed, we happy enough with our standart machine. but that was a memory when i was just a kid. I was remember that i had many mini 4wd’s that time, but as time and i grown old and busy with all my activities, i forgot with all my mini 4wd’s until i found blog that show mini 4wd Dash Yonkuro.

I called my brother at home and told him to looking on the roof, were there my old toys.he called me back a few days later. he told that he just found a few body kits, some kits was in the bad condition.

This is some great treasures that i have found from past, but all of this bodys part is cannot be used.

first post…

as a collector actually i do not have much collections, i think it is impossible for me to collect all the series of Tamiya mini 4wd.
so i just focus on dash series, but not all of my collection is tamiya, some of them are other brands such as auldey, AA, heipao etc. because the price is cheaper than tamiya and that’s very helpful to collector like me. 🙂

thies are my mini 4wd collection already assembled